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all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. >> investigators, are still assessing the damage, at that properties are able to be re- entered? and authorities to continue to search for three missing people my mother, daughter, a 20 year-old and another on identified a 37 homes
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were destroyed and the other homes for moderately damaged. tonight, kate thompson is live in san bruno and we just had an update from the federal investigator. >> kate. >> yes, the federal investigator has not determined what caused that blast. however, three sections of that pipe will be and has been crated and shipped to washington d.c. shipped this evening. there will be testing for fatigue, corrosion, and damage, what part of that pipe filled and led to the blast. also, that pat tested pg&e employee is of alcohol, drugs and they all tested negative on substantiated residents that the reported smelling unsubstantiated reports of smelling gas prior to the blast. also, to finish this
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investigation prio inside that t creature that was in the middle of the street. it they have finished that part of the investigation. - is being handed back to pg&e. crater. and we are aware of how important that it is important to release that back to pg&e and the city to resume restoration. >> now, the next step is going to concentrate the documents. documents that pg&e handed over. documents on the latest testing, inspections of this pipeline. also, there been interviewing residents to let them back into the neighborhood and control site in milpitas, and martin. speaking, interviewing employees
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of pg&e, bear. reporting live in san bruno, as kate thompson,. >> google earth will give us a good idea of what san bruno looks like, today. from this full shot, so is burned out homes just devastating. this street, where some of these homes. glenview drive. so much of this destruction happened concord tonight. and jeff bush went to court glenview drive to take a look of some of these homes. >> when this 30-and because an explosion and no homes carefully exploded the initial fireball was so intense of the homes near the rupture were engulfed in flames. the theory is that the wind caused those fires to cause from house to house. neighbors say it is common from the wind to blow from the west and where this fire burned, as you looking north. this was for tonight. if
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you conceive a mass of flames shooting into the air. -you can see that giant mass of flames and why some burned and some cannot be disciplined, definitively. however, and a situation, that sometimes it is nothing more than just sheer luck. this was able to be restored but this has a red tag because it is structurally, on sound. several have a red tank and other have a green tag that it is okay to enter. and in san bruno, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> we are learning more about the victims who died. a mother, daughter. you can see 41 year- old jaquelin and ironically, shoes and a longtime analyst for the public utilities division. and she was--she was working on upgrading a same section of this
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pipeline that ruptured. the daughter attended a student b high school and wa a student body president. and 20 rolled it jessica moralist died this this explosion she was watching a football game on television with her boyfriend. the relatives boyfriend managed to survive but was badly burned. friends say he desperately try to say jessica but he could not. 19 year-old joe, as a student at skyline college is still in critical condition at the hospital. the missing are still being searched for. >> what we have to do and what we have been doing is matching up those residents that we know are accounted for. a live, and well, and healthy and match them to homes. our goal is to match
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every single residence in that neighborhood. >> the official word this morning is that that may or may not be an accurate count. >> i do not know. and i've to speak with my engineers and get that information. >> again, three people are still missing this evening and christine connolly is a few blocks away from the blast site. she joins us with the latest, christine? >> you know, the community is doing anything they can to help the emergency crews that are investigating this and continue in this search. here, at the blast site, live. as we can overcome one of these churches in the community. this is the church of the high land and joining us as pastor latent she leaves. pastor, if you can explain what your church is doing? >> shore, i would be happy to. and with or facility, 24-70's were putting crews are working
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24-7 to try to restore and the need a place to get out of the cold, food, and put their feet up. to be able to get back to being in the rest position. >> we are doing what we can do, and we're making some adjustments to have a town meeting tonight, there. basically, we are doing all the weekend to support our community, leaders, to restore life, here. >> i know the emergency crews are very grateful and your parishioners have been affected and one of your parishioners has been lost their home? >> please explain. >> we've had four of our church families, school families lose their homes out of the 38 homes are lost, here. one of those was my assistant and her husband is a dealing with the second, third degree burns. we are keeping that family and our prayer. in
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addition to the four families that have been lost, at least a half-dozen that have been displaced. and allowed to return, yesterday. >> i know you are doing what you can to oppose families it is just amazing that the community is doing so much to bring everything back together. to get some semblance of what it used to be and i am sure that everybody is very grateful. reporting live in santa ana, christine connolly. >> the coverage of the aftermath continues-san bruno. will show you the live pictures of the blast from a buyer's own you see here. the cause of the blast is still not determined to. just ahead, more surveillance video that is coming up on kron 4 news.
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this surveillance video is showing. this is stop right here at this intersection planning to go forward. and as the ford, look at this surveillance video, this vehicle makes a quick right it was pandemonium. has this fireball gets bigger, bigger, bigger. cars are leaving and look at this woman issue runs across the street. she is holding a baby! holding a baby, tried to get rid of this huge fireball. >> web producer, kimberly sakamoto. some of these images >> that is right, let me jump right in with a torcthe work, blake. from mr. gillis, that as a policeman holding his arm out
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trying to tell people not to get any closer. blake gillis gives us another vantage point. you can see that orange glow in the background and that is what people thought was the soun. and look at those fires, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, with a little bit of fire. and you can see this imploding upon itself with a chopper coming by. the resident said that he received a call from his panicked landlord. so worried of the apartment building. we would like to see your pictures, videos and bristol taking them apart information how to e-mail. video/stories.
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>> some homeowners and december all finally got a chance. after a closed meeting. -finally got a chance and
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>> the san bruno senior center on monday morning and meet woman with jackie spear, pg&e and city officials for people that were homes were destroyed, damaged during a gas explosion. the purpose of is when or if they convert turn to their homes to retrieve belongings, and apple agreed losses:thursday but was encouraged at meetings like this for taking place. >> and we just want to work as a teen. san bruno is hurting right now. dad worked as a team. this dark cloud is over us and i know the we have to work as a community, there's a dark cloud over san bruno, a stronger city, a starter tell >> and his brother also spoke about the city's efforts to help the victims. >> the city is doing a tremendous job of what is best. we are a small community. we are not a big community. but what
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they're doing for us and we understand that there are some people that are very angry. there are some people that lost family members. we are just basically, now just really getting our bearing. and trying to understand what happened. >> and san bruno, kron 4 news. >> today, pg&e announce the formation of a relief fund. and haaziq madyun that is to help the city of san bruno and its residents rebuild. >> no strings connected to 100 and dollars set aside for the city of san bruno and its residents rebuild. according to the president, carter for johns of san bruno and his residence, revealed. according to pg>> with those funds, no strings, not be asking them, and we will not ask them to sign any releases, when except that part of this fund. will be in immediate financial
5:50 pm
resources that will be available in the end of this week. >> with a generally 50-20, 50,000, generally based on the-- 15, 2550. amount of damage that occurred. per household and it is part of the 100 and in dollars set aside. >> >> he said that the will also be helped with limited insurance coverage. >> some people do not have the ability to pay the deductible or if the insurance is not enough or if they do not have insurance? this fund will be there to help provide for that. >> and in san bruno for haaziq madyun bella kron 4 news. >> others talk this could of been prevented, and a whistleblower think so. vicki liviakis speaks to the lawyer of >> san francisco, tony is in court for is a client, wiseman. paid attention to my client, to
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pay attention to safety this could have been prevented baby. >> in the wake of this explosion, he is filing papers a veteran pg&e safety leader, whiiewman suing pg&e! >> and everybody was surprised with the same time:he knew about the unsafe practices in the tragedy that could of been provided, and it could have been prevented. >> this is saying that he was harassed of pg&e after reporting on sick practices. >> work on gas transmission lines, and to northern california. he saw many violations and management retaliated. >> the lawsuit was filed on aug. 78 just weeks before the san bruno accident. we contacted pg&e for comment but so far, that not responded. and san francisco, the guild bacchus,
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kron 4 news--vicki liviakis >> also, a chance of showers friday, saturday. will pop uwilk all about it, coming up in just a few minutes. mm, my water just broke!
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>> news around the bay, the agricultural commissioner of napa county, she was arrested late friday not before she ran off during field sobriety test and was tackled to the ground. the 53 year-old car was weaving in drifting off the home. shoes released on $500 bon0 bond, now, the federal appeals court has reaffirmed its finding. illegally, they seized a list of baseball players the positive tested positive for steroids, and again, investigators have returned to the list of ones or
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four players. and that would bar them from using those players. of the doping investigation. >> some good news for california public schools to report says that students return to make continued academic project progs continuing with the back cutbacks, on the finances. and a 46 increase, is encouraging and the achievement gap of different economic/mine on the groups are slimming. and that is a purchase. -minority groups. and details, of this entire report can be found ♪ >> i look at our current conditions is cooler out there this afternoon. we have seen some patchy cloud coverage. with
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me in the 60s but cooler closer to the coastline. 59 degrees in san francisco, inland is 70's. and 70's in the south bay. we will warm up as we head for the next couple of days in the fog will return. maura uniform, and with fog close to the coast. and inland push in back to the coastal and bay shore locations. -more uniform. by 3:00 p.m., more sunshine and more warm with the temperatures will be more 70's compared to the 60s that we saw, today. the chance of rainfall this weekend and our futurecast by 8:00 a.m. on friday will continue to press celt as to go towards the afternoon. by 5:00 p.m., we will bring you more details as it gets closer. with a slight warming to the next several days and thursday will be the peak warming, friday, saturday, and temperatures will also dip, slightly. >> of live, to san bruno and
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minutes ago federal investigators acknowledged to the cause, the rupture, the explosion, fire is still not known. the latest details, kron 4 news is 6:00 p.m. is coming up, after the break. ance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> a return to our runs! takes a first slice of san bruins. ruins-- >> and pre also find out of pg&e will help the city, the residents rebuild. and an update on the gas pipe investigation and will take a look it new video. just call for the explosion reached last thursday. >> also, a board is continue to work for people still missing
6:01 pm
from the explosion. and one person considered has been located in--four people are still announced dead, and three people, missing. these cadaver dogs this searching to the ruble to find and deeper meaning becomes. through these 37 homes of a been destroyed. on some properties, is still too difficult to tell if the holehoe existed, the others were moderately damaged, kate thompson is live. and we heard from federal investigators. kate? >> investigators are saying that after three full days of investigation, they still been on able to determine the cause of this last-unable. and they finished this on enormous crater when this pipe exploded. and they handed control of that
6:02 pm
back over to san bruno. now, the town will be able to reestablish all of the infrastructure. that runs in that pipe and got that neighborhood it back up and running. investigators also have been unable to confirm reports from residents it smelled gas prior to the blast and report of those to authorities. and investigators are saying today that three sections of the pipe that removed are now headed to washington d.c.. >> the three sections of pipe, the spoke of yesterday have now been crated and are the this evening on its way to our emergency labs and washington d.c.. and extensive, thorough investigation. to help determine what caused this pipe to be was it fatigued? was it erosion? was
6:03 pm
a physical damage-? and extensive physical a eighth examination. >> investigators say that they could be on the scene for the next several days. they will enter phase two of the investigation which really will be going over combing. hundreds of documents and a been handed over by pg&e and also continuing to interview people in the neighborhood. as pg&e please. kate? >> pam? >> kate, perhaps they're reluctant to speculate on what could of been the cause? >> this is what the ntsb is to win, to be evidence gathering. and the want anything, everything they can get their hands on. and they are here to collect all of that and issue a preliminary report that could be sometime in the next 30 days. a final report in 80 months. in
6:04 pm
the will not hold back, with investigations, and find that because of the blast will release that. >> kate, thank you. that investigation and pipe explosion launched a pipe of 100 ft. of underground out onto the street. this is the video, and that pipe out early this morning it is all being shipped to washington d.c.. for review. it is too early to tell the rosicrucian. this ruptured investigation continues. at the state regulators have ordered pg&e to inspect all of its natural gas line. kron4's christine connolly is live in san bruno with those inspections, christine? >> that is correct. and they are coming up with a plan follows investigations they've and ordered to do that because of what has occurred here. as we look at the firestone you can
6:05 pm
see police officers, squad cars,-fire-scene. and this search continues. meanwhile, pg&e is focusing in on the past and future investigations. >> here, you can see a giant they removed it and now we've learned that this ruptured was inspected most recently in march. this is what pg and e had to say about that inspection. >> it is literally walked by an employer with equipment again looking for the presence of gas. in an accessible locations,unaccesible-- which is the air patrols to any indications. >> and to look for the dead vegetation, this was inspected november. pg&e could not tell us those results. >> now we've crossed that line where that is part of the ntsb investigation and i really cannot share the findings of that particular assessment.
6:06 pm
>> now they're asking the utility company to inspect their entire miles of pipeline. there'll be a pressure of high pressure pipe lines and heavily populated areas, like san bruno. what the big question is that will that be performed like in the past? pg&e cannot tell us exactly what to do inspections will look like. >> we already inspect these on an annual basis, as i mentioned. and to work with the ntsb, how much time will have a do it and will be a minimum, elite survey. bear morena and as we are seeing some of these emergency crews and have- >> as we are seeing some of these emergency crews, some of these emergency crews and in the meantime the month pg&e says three transmission lines that feed into this fed have benefits go into the peninsula have
6:07 pm
already been inspected. pg&e has already reduced the pressure on those lines by 10 percent as an added safety precaution. reporting live, christine connolly. >> earlier, there were said conference with pg&e and to get the chance of the san brno officials are at least satisfied with the answers of the investigation so far? >> definitely, it sounds like they are. and the san bruno mayor speaking about the money that is going to be available for residents and a saying that the that is a good thing that pg&e is doing. and as far as the investigation is going they seem to think that it was a very thorough investigation. >> christine connolly, reporting live, heather. >> to show you some video of guest book look at this as he gets into the car, and look at the top of your screen. all my goodness! huge fire blast. and everything starts getting crazy.
6:08 pm
this small and>> this gas station is on the corner of san bruno ave and glenview strike. this security camera captured the initial explosion and fire, chaos that the upper left-hand corner of the screen. no audio. however, you can see the debris for some split second and then the five air people get into the cars, route and the woman is carrying a child. within one minute, the first police car and and a number of people on foyt. theoot. are seeing go towards e fire, to go for their homes, or to help. fire trucks, more police cars in the next 10 minutes. glenview drive is shut down. this continues for several minutes until the power was cut. this tape also shows how this man, although everybody
6:09 pm
was scrambling for safety. he no those flames could jump. hand gassing up and keeping one eye on the fire as he does so. in the san bruno, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the san bruno explosion and aftermath. you can also had lower website. that is ravens special section of lot more information. you can back oaccer web site.
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>> we now have some incredible before and after. with google earth, google map, this is an after shot. a full shot you can see how many homes. you can see that crater on oral avenue/glenview. -earl avenue
6:13 pm
and let me split this screen. on the right side, to map this match this up, and that these homes are in tacked on the right. and on the left side they are burned. what we're going to do on google earth is moving over to clairemont drive. this is for so many were destroyed. and you can see where the neighborhood looked like on thursday morning before this happened. we can actually take this full as well and you can see this street you shot of what it looked like before the street. and these homes, intact. today, these homes are gone. >> meanwhile, or web producer, kimberly sakamoto brings us a look at the you tube video. >> carole? >> pamela, the captions as recorded after a long night.
6:14 pm
>> and you could see those efforts of what was trying to save and lost. to get a full shot, you can see those homes. barely touched, and right next to it, the trees wilting. and completely flat ground with just some smoke coming up from the embers of what is left of the house. and the street, you can see those cars completely flattened with the tires, melted. and i will pause that video the juxtaposition of the tom completely intact. and the car is fine in the driveway. to the right? that home is completely won have gone. when are still taking your pictures and videos. you can go there to find the information on any mailing photos and will stream but a pm joint conference live on our website. >> with pictures of san bruno,
6:15 pm
four days and to the pg&e ruptured, exploded, reducing this community to rubble. changing lives of all who live there. we will be right back after this quick break. as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval.
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[ ding ] >> let me show you more of this video, this huge explosion! this man was shooting to do with one hand, and calling his wife on the other with not to come home with the kids. the path of destruction. >> and 930 glenview drive which is as close as we are allowing the prwe are allowed. and you cn see where the crater is it is behind that cyclone fence. from where i am standing and tonight,
6:19 pm
you can see the path. these used to be trees. and right next to it, the remains of what used to be a house, the foundation, the chimney, are all that is left. as i can out a little further you can see the path of the fireball. this house is all of what is left of this shell. no roof. the interior is black, gutted. and across the street, these homes look pretty good but when i assume in this terre, home. the windows have been a bloown out out and zooming in, selling out. >> and the vegetation, wilted by the heat. and 100 yds away from the blast as a green tag. that means that it is safe to occupy. maureen kelly.
6:20 pm
>> residents just finished a tour of the devastated area and jeff bush shows us what happened and spoke with one resident who lost everything in the fire. >> tour buses lined up in the church of the highlands, and addresses were verified. the white wristband to verify their residency, and with police escort, it took 50 minutes. it was clear that there were shocked, sad and his home was destroyed in the fire. >> it was really what i expected. there was no judging by the intensity. i knew that it was going to be pretty bad. and sure, it was. i saw two of my cars in there, the exhaust fan of the kitchen on top of my stove. there is nothing left. you can see into or bedroom, the dresser is standing. >> bob said that the fire served
6:21 pm
as a monument. >> i thought the fire meserle were respectful. standing in one row symbolic of people lilosing their home. the san bruno explosion has all a little on edge about the gas line in our home. and let me show you a vice that it is a little bit of a peace of mind and possibly to consider life-advice. still forgot that the gas is called a silent killer for a reason, odorless, colorless and difficult to detect. this is a simple device to operate and anybody can operate it is $30 to keep your home/press. it is important to have as a smoke alarm. your home-does this, and once that green stopped blinking it is ready to detect gas. keep
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6:23 pm
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>> a little cooler out there today and as we head into the next couple of days, will warm up a little bit. that fog tonight will continue and uniform overnight which is a little bit different. today was patchy. and by 7:00 a.m., uniform, and earlier, apache inland areas. by 3:00 p.m., wide spread of sunshine and warmer as well. and mostly 60s, and tomorrow mostly in the 70's. and your neighborhood by neighborhood, said the rosa, and a little bit cooler with 60 degrees in san francisco. in the valley will be in the 70's for the most part. 70's in antioch, 58 close to the coastline, low 70's the shores, and upper 70's
6:27 pm
in the south bay. for kron 4 7 day around the bay and it is continuing to be warm for the next couple of days thursday will have a peak warming. friday/saturday a chance of showers! and a quick clip to the north bay and most likely will be friday afternoon. keeping you posted. state to an, we will be right back after this.
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>> 6:30, a scene of destruction, destruction in san bruno. more people are allowed inside the neighborhood to view their properties or what is left of those properties. here is the latest. authorities continue to search for three missing people. one person that was considered missing has been located. four other people have been found, dead including a mother and daughter, a 20 year-old woman and one person is still
6:30 pm
unidentified. this weekend, cadaver dogs searched through the remaining victim's and wi 3s even still difficult to see if a home existed. eight were moderately damaged, 37 completely destroyed and kate? >> and investigators still have not determined the cause of the blast. and they are going to be here for the next couple of days. tonight, 3 section of the pipe that was involved in the investigational will be put on a flatbed truck, and driven to washington d.c. for further investigation, erosion, fatigue, or what ever could of led to this this explosion. and as far as the alcohol/drug testing to pg&e, and then come back,-. no confirmed reports that
6:31 pm
residents, it smelled gas prior to the blast and reported it to with 40's. what we are looking at is that-the 40authoriites now, they have had the specter over to the cell town of san bruno. >> we know how important it is to be able to let the work began and that that to return that is for structural to normalcy. now, we're finished that area for examination and it is back for pg&e. the genie. reports on the pipeline:the last was in and they will continue reporting in the final report which could take up to 18 months. reporting live in the san bruno, kate
6:32 pm
thompson,. >> state regulators have required pg&e to invest investigate, and inspect all of their gas lines to the entire state of california. is important to know that these are not all high-pressure gas line but major major gas lines run through the bay area, san francisco, the city, and even through san bruno. these will all have to be an inspected by pg&e and i requested a map from my high-pressure map of pg&e lines. they have not returned my call. >> and christine, and she joins us now, with the latest. all right now, as we speak pg&e is coming up with a plan to, but those inspections. after what occurred today. to the fire zone, the investigation continues with the search
6:33 pm
through the rubble. in the meantime, pg&e is learning about point a minute inspections. let me show you that this is a giant section before they removed it and now we've inspected most recently in march. this is what pg and e had to say about that inspection. >> it is literally walked by an >> what we use is equipment that in essence detects the presence of gas on the line. so that is what we mean by a gas leak and it is literally walked by an employee with equipment. again, looking for the presence of gas and accessible locations. we - inaccessible will use the air patrol to look for the indications. and now with the findings, or across that line for that as part of the ntsb investigation. and i cannot share of that particular finding. >> here is a look at what state regulators are telling pg&e the need to do. the need to survey
6:34 pm
all pipelines, giving high priority to high-pressure pipe lines, and high populated areas like san bruno. and report college their spending on pipeline city, replacement. and also, the three midlines ago into the peninsula of the they have all been looked at. and those levels have been brought down by 10 percent as an added precaution by pg&e. >> police say that people still missing after the explosion are now presumably dead. and friends, neighbors and searching for them that is obviously difficult to deal with. tonight, is 17 year-old student about how he is coping with the likely death of a friend/classmate and the father. >> and we immediately went over to the recreation center, and then the civic center. and we
6:35 pm
tried calling his cellphone but there was a dead long. >> what hope? >> and as it is right now, it has been five days i have some hope of but it is not that much. i think most war friends and family have come to this stage we're still pretty stshocked. >> are you in morning? >> i think i am in the morning and i have a little bit of hope but it is still pretty shook up. >> the house has been destroyed? >> our house was right next to bring the wind was blowing, their house caught on fire, almost immediately. >> to you know if there were home? >> and know that will and lavon ne would have been home and we would of seen photos. greg is usually there but he was picking
6:36 pm
up somebody. and it was just a bad timing because 10 minutes later he would have been gone. >> how does that feel? >> isreali, crushing. with 10 minutes late-it is really-and with just making this earlier, it will not happened is very sad and. >> it is police said. and pg&eid in the meantime $3 million of and yet already given to san bruno mayor in order to help given the response. and 10 million has been set aside, add up to $50,000 per household. pg&e says that those will come with no strings, attached. and you can stay with us for the continuing coverage. that is where we have a special section with a lot more infnfnf we will be
6:37 pm
right back. the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator
6:38 pm
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6:40 pm
♪ >> is cooler out there today, and widespread and '60s and '70s inland. still hanging fog will be hanging on and tanagers will reflect that. inland, will be the upper seventies tomorrow. over 60s, northern bay. south bay, upper 70's. we are going to see some big changes later on this week. friday, saturday, and it looks like it is going to clip us. 8:00 a.m., with the chance of rainfall building into the north bay and pushing into the south. by 5:00 p.m., it is as good in the north bay and sliding toward the golden gate bridge continuing saturday
6:41 pm
morning. and with the next few days, a slight warming and and thursday, friday, and a cool down as we get the chance of the removal into the north bay and even south of the golden gate. we will keep you posted as a gets closer. >> kron4's, maureen kelly was near the epicenter of the explosion to they were building inspectors are taking a closer look at these homes or re that e tre red tag >> now, this is been downgraded, even though some of these windows and broken it does not appear that there is any fire damage, inside. >> the skill is showing a fire inspector lovin building inspector letting these people in the home for the first time. >> after an interior inspection,
6:42 pm
a yellow tag which means that these residents can get inside to retrieve some of their belongings. the building inspectors as a once these owners to an electrical work and fix the roof on the corner. this house will have a green tag instead of the yellow one. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> just an, we just got the dispatch calls as firefighters, rescue crews this responded to the devastating and some of these dramatic moments minutes of to this explosion. >> three-alarm we have houses, and we have extreme heat! possibly several blocks on fire at this time. >> from an june 11th, we have to vehicles involved better on the shoulder from--engine 11. >> with no water, we need we
6:43 pm
think with a broken water main to the and from the corner of san bruno ave. >> several blocks on fire, no water available in one of the biggest challenges facing firefighters. that a water main and broke and they do bring in water to bring in the devastating. >> a programming note, this thursday, the nbc will have. programming. you can catch the season premiere of the apprentice. that will be followed by a special edition of kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. we will be right back.
6:44 pm
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doesn't cover my kid's pediatrician. which is not cool. she was so fantastic. she had this sock puppet that she would use to explain exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. i just wish there was someone to explain to me how i'm going to find another doctor like that. [ male announcer ] we know a good doctor is hard to find. we have some of the largest networks in california so you can choose one that's right for you. >> difficult for member a more difficult time opener. these were favored, and with a lot of talk, that he are born to go out and had them in the mouth. when alex smith overthrew the
6:47 pm
receiver, girl leak. the tide turned in the seattle seahawks with 27 new players on their roster. and from hassle let, all areselback, butler and no preseason played and they are saying to the bench crabtree. this is not the nba bursary practice? we practice that is what you need practice. >> and i will tell you a secret that these announcers, or joint announcers, that they know where their bread is buttered. on the sale of a feedback that there were all some of the wooden not opened their mouth. very
6:48 pm
disappointing, and you cannot talk and of here is foreign >> until you play at first claime game and when you play that first-game that it is and definitely not going to be ok. >> mike was so concerned about the forty-niners loss at a called a team meeting. to clear the air >> i do not think that you can look at the tape with the the there were any standouts. we all had a hand on this. >> once again, alex smith that an open for criticism. a wide open touchdown toss and two different interceptions. there was even a head set issue. head said, communications lifeline to an n f l quarterback. here is out works, with 25 seconds, the 49ers only have a few minutes between the end of the play to
6:49 pm
figure out what happened. and jimmy will call the play from the booth and the speaker cut out at 15 seconds. and the play is not an? problems and the cost them at least two different times out another rate could go to the sidelines. against the new orleans saints. and the santa clara, vern >> and what vern glenn we tonight, the host the new orleans saints. and in a strange with amid the rhetoric not look so bad with jason and campbell try to jump-start a team. currently losing 11 games, seven straight campaigns. and campbell on the back most of the afternoon and going away, tenn., could be the best in the industry! with 30-13, tennessee. and what makes you laugh,-38- 13, and with all the preseason talk. that the raiders are going to be better than the 49ers,
6:50 pm
here is tom cable. >> if i am kind of passed off. if i can say that, it is a setback, it is a part of life and that is what we're dealing with. we're still kind of angry of what happened. and we expect to go back there and win the football team. let us leave it at that. >> and cable away from george washington high school in san francisco to gain shore stardom. the indoor circle of popular known as the planine sol day and she is ready to roll, next.
6:51 pm
but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. but deadly on fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist, for effective, but gentle flea control.
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what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? >> kanya west, should not be let
6:54 pm
in anywhere, that big producers, bouncer's, should not be allowed in any nightclub! [laughter] >> and it is a beautiful of fat. >> thank you. >> with the wind, it is an outdoor show. >> let us talk about 40 comedians on the stage a one time as the promotion? >> that will be at the end. with a major shot so they can see everybody at one time in. generally, it is a wonderful parade. >> where? >> sharon matos at golden gate park. and-meadows, will be there at 12:00 p.m.-5 >> the 30th annual! >> yes! >> free admission. >> yes it is basically the stand-up comedians office party. >> and you have been a nationally known for pine sol >> and yes! you still have
6:55 pm
that?, how did you get that role? and i auditioned, and they said could you start and with the was a nationwide campaign and a 17 years later. >> and recognizable. >> yes! >> and carroll o'connor? >> and she was interview and hed that i was identified with this role. and what did you get back that five and thousand? >> exactly. >> i am godand all good. i coul have been the depends coral lot, and you came from a background? >> where ever but it was funny. and we're all hilarious, my entire family so i did not think about getting paid by took an improv class of washington high school. the next thing, it is my calling and i am there.
6:56 pm
>> and even in my industry kelli that pam and i, we are needy. is there some of that? >> and i just need to make people laugh, gary. >> earlier, and your adult life, $25,000 pyramid a game show star? >> yes, and will fortune. >> and what was he like? >> he was a little scattered. >> and i said that let us just go and he came right to me because i was there for a reason. >> after taxes? >> it turned out to be it may be 16,000 out of 25 k. it was not bad. >> and you and donny osmond?, i came back on a celebrity as a password and there was a very happy man. >> he is a happy man, [laughter] >> and one more plug. >> yes, it is on the summit,
6:57 pm
people coming back. and withhhhh gomez, kramer, we're going to cost all laughing all sunday. >> young lady, thank you, and to tell robyn to stay home. >> as the distracting, gary? >> we do not p.m., >> c to 11, >> thank you. nt you to quit? me! i want me to quit. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
travolta. the screen, getting screams from oprah. plus -- iving. >> "the oprah winfrey show." the back story, her worst interview and the celebrity guest she always wanted and didn't get until today. >> no, they didn't. ider." >> eight win, three wardrobe changes. gaga on her mtv outfit today. t. >> plus, j. lo with bradley co
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